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Mini Golf Pro 1.2

3D graphics make you feel like you're playing through a whole new kind of course
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Mini Golf Pro 1.1 is a mini golf game for the PC.
You can chose to play Championship (18 holes) or Classic, Twisted or Mixed Course (9 holes). You can also build your own levels, or load the three provided (Double Wave, Labyrinth and Mini-Golf Island).

You control the view of the green moving your mouse, this enables you to aim the swing. You can shoot pressing the left button of the mouse, the more you press the button, the harder the strike.

You must avoid the ball to fall into the water, and will get more points if you succeed in putting the ball in the hole with fewer strikes than the par.

Every hole starts with an air view, allowing you to think your strategy to reach the goal.

If you can put the ball in the hole using the same number of hits, you obtain a par. With one hit over the par, you get a boogie, one hit below the par is a birdie. You must seize the walls to give direction to the ball, and avoid obstacles that will slow you down. You must keep an eye on the terrain.

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